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Eyelet Crafters is one of the foremost leaders in the design, development and deep drawing of metal components in the writing instrument market who can transform your innovative ideas and visions into reality.

Just a few of the examples of what can be manufactured using the deep draw transfer press processes are:

  • Caps
  • Barrels
  • Refill tubes
  • Pen mechanism shells

All of the following lend themselves to this method of fabrication, resulting in a unique, appealing look:

  • Straight tubes
  • Stepped diameter components
  • Caps
  • Barrels with radius profiles

Components can be made from C230 brass, C220 brass ,735 nickel silver,6061 aluminum,3005 aluminum and 305 stainless steel.

Components are manufactured to tight dimensional tolerances and strict cosmetic appearance standards.

Decorative logos and functional side piercings or threads can be incorporated into the tool design eliminating costly secondary operations.

By choosing any one of the following finishes, you have the capability of creating a unique product to make you stand out in the market place:

  • Plated , Satin brushed & lacquered finishes
  • Painted & Anodized finishes
  • Buffed & lacquered

When you need a partner who will ensure quality, consistency, creativity & reliability, think Eyelet Crafters. Whatever innovative designs you can imagine, WE CAN DELIVER.

About eyelet Crafters, INC.

Eyelet Crafters foundation is a family heritage of eyelet craftsmen dating back to 1905. In 1963 Howard B. Finkenzeller struck out on his own to found Eyelet Crafters. He built Eyelet Crafters into a company with a reputation for quality, integrity and a commitment of outstanding service to its customers.

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