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capabilitiesEyelet Crafters is the company to use for drawn metal parts. Our capabilities include a wide range of applications from the cosmetics industry to writing instruments. We design and create precision pieces to suit the ever-changing needs of our customers. Eyelet Crafters can provide a one stop solution to your needs. From design to tooling to production, we can do it all. 


While most applications require custom tooling, Eyelet Crafters offers a wide range of stock tooling that may satisfy your requirements.  The use of stock tooling saves both time and money in the development of your component.

If your product requires new tooling, we offer complete in-house tool design and tool making. Eyelet Crafters uses only the very best materials in its tools, such as hardened wear-resistant steel punches coupled with high-polished carbide dies, which are the core of the deep drawn metal process.


We specialize in manufacturing deep drawn metal components from 1/8" to 4 1/8" in length. Our extensive experience includes using raw materials such as brass, copper, aluminum, high purity aluminum, special steel alloys, stainless steel and semi-precious metals. Additionally, we have the capability to incorporate intricate designs in the transfer press process including threading, side piercing, beading, rolling, and embossed and debossed markings.


Most eyelet products require a decorative finish. Eyelet Crafters can buff your products to create a high polish, matte, florentine, textured or satin finish. We also provide lacquering, enameling and silk screening using durable decorative coatings with various translucent and opaque colors. Additional finishes include bright anodizing and electro-polishing.


We offer hot melt gluing and press fit assemblies of metal caps and plastic closures. Depending on the application, closure options include either screw or slip fit.

About eyelet Crafters, INC.

Eyelet Crafters foundation is a family heritage of eyelet craftsmen dating back to 1905. In 1963 Howard B. Finkenzeller struck out on his own to found Eyelet Crafters. He built Eyelet Crafters into a company with a reputation for quality, integrity and a commitment of outstanding service to its customers.

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